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pdf iconKeynote Address paper Timber Frames and Solid Walls: Earthquake Resilient Construction from Roman Times to the Origins of the Modern Skyscraper, 1st International Symposium on Historic Earthquake-Resistant Timber Frames in The Mediterranean Area (H.Ea.R.T.2013), Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.pdf icon 

pdf iconChapter 1: What We Learn from Vernacular Construction

Excerpts of the book as a whole can be read in Google Books Here.  In Google Books, Chapter 1 is shown complete.  To find it, turn through 20 pages of the book's front matter with Roman numeral numbered pages, to find it on page numbers 3-36.

In: K.A. Harries & B. Sharma, editors; Nonconventional and Vernacular Construction Materials, Characterisation, Properties and Applications, Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineering, No. 58, Elsevier, London, 2016, pp 3-36

pdf icon2017, Keynote Address Paper, TIMBER 2.0: Resilience and Vulnerability of Wood Construction in Earthquakes and Fires, Proceedings of SHATIS'17: 4th International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures, Edited by Dr. Görün Arun, 20-22 September, 2017, Tübitak, Istanbul, Turkey. ISBN: 978-605-62703-7-6.

2015, Keynote Address Paper: Traditional is Modern: Traditional Building Technology for Resilience in the Modern Era, Proceedings of the International Expert Meeting on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Resilient Communities within the framework of the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, March 2015.

Book of Proceedings published 2016.

pdf iconKeynote Address Paper Ancient Construction Technologies that can Protect Modern Buildings From Collapse in Earthquakes, Proceedings of CICOP Pre-conference of the of the Biennale of the Architectural and Urban Spaces (BRAU), The 4th International Conference on Hazards and Modern Heritage, Sarajevo, Bosnia, June 13-16, 2011.  0.6MB

pdf icon2008, by Randolph Langenbach, Learning from the Past to Protect the Future: Armature Crosswalls, Engineering Structures, Elsevier. Vol. 30, No. 8, August 2008, pp 2096-2100

pdf icon2006, by Randolph Langenbach, Khalid Mosalam, Sinan Akarsu, Alberto Dusi, ARMATURE CROSSWALLS:
A Proposed Methodology to Improve the
Seismic Performance of Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Infill Frame Structures
, 8th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (8NCEE), San Francisco 1906 anniversary, 2006.

pdf icon2005, by Randolph Langenbach, ARMATURE CROSSWALLS,
How pre-modern construction practices may hold the key to avoiding the collapse of vulnerable urban housing blocks
, Joint US-India Symposium on Urban Housing and Infrastructure in New Delhi, October, 2005.

pdf icon 2003, by Randolph Langenbach, CROSSWALLS" INSTEAD OF SHEARWALLS: A Proposed Research Project for the Retrofit of Vulnerable Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Earthquake Areas based on Traditional Hımış Construction, Proceedings of the Turkish Fifth National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Istanbul, 26-30 May, 2003.  (1.6 MG)

pdf iconWas Haiti in 2010 the next Tangshan in 1976: Heritage Structures Reveal the Hidden Truth about Risk and Resilience during the Haiti Earthquake, Proceedings of the ICOMOS Scientific Symposium on 'Reducing Risks to Cultural Heritage from Natural and Human-Caused Disasters, 31 October, 2012.  2MB

Frames and Solid Walls: 
Earthquake Resilient Construction
from Roman Times
to the Origins of the Modern Skyscraper

© Randolph Langenbach, 2018

Click to fill screen
click to select screen resolution for high definition viewing.

This is an hour-long class lecture by Randolph Langenbach in English given on the 26 March 2018 in the Engineering class of Professor Camillo Nuti for graduate students in the Department of Architecture at ROMA TRE University in Rome. More than most of the lectures by Prof. Langenbach, this lecture covers a wide range of examples from around the world.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (with the time in minutes into the 60 minute film)

  • 01:23:  Taking the "Frame" out of "Timber Frame"

  • 02:12:  2014 Napa Earthquake: Trefethan Winery

  • 03:25:  Srinagar, Kashmir

  • 12:46:  19th Century Textile Mills: Amoskeag Millyard, Manchester, N.H.

  • 15:00:  Bangladesh: Collapse of the Rana Plaza in Savar, Dhaka in 2013

  • 15:28:  Great Britain Textile Mills

  • 16:05:  Slow Burning Construction, Cross-laminated timber, Bolted wood diaphragms

  • 18:23:  Turkey: 1999 Marmara Earthquakes and subsequent earthquakes

  • 24:31:  Reinforced concrete moment Frame with infill masonry construction

  • 26:45:  Ancient Roman Pantheon - unreinforced concrete dome

  • 27:04:  Haiti: 2010 earthquake - rusting rebar collapses + survivor with external framework.

  • 29:54:  Ancient Rome

  • 30:28:  Invention of the skeleton frame construction 'Skyscraper' with masonry infill

  • 34:43:  1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

  • 36:59:  Reinforced Concrete with masonry infill construction

  • 41:35:  'Armature Crosswalls' (Mexico 1985 EQ, El Salvador 1987 EQ, Iran 2003 Bam Earthquake)

  • 46:24:  Pakistan: 2005 Kashmir Earthquake

  • 48:31:  "X" braced timber frames

  • 50:05:  1755 Lisbon Portugal Earthquake

  • 50:49:  2017 Mexico City earthquake - 269 Amsterdam Avenue "x" braces damage

  • 52:22:  Building Code structural objectives for earthquakes

  • 52:59:  Modern steel frames compared to ancient clay construction after the 2003 Bam, Iran EQ

  • 55:40:  Nepal: 2015 Gorkha earthquake: 'Gabion Bands'

  • 57:50:  Italy: Amatrice and Norcia 2016 earthquakes

  • 1 Hour  End


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