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FEMA WORK (published examples)


  • 1989 - 91 Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor Museum of Labor History, a permanent museum exhibition on the history of immigration and labor in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Consultant to Christopher Chadbourne, Architect.

  • 1989 - 90 Ford Assembly Building, Richmond, Ca. Historic preservation consultant on the adaptive reuse of historic Albert Kahn designed "Ford industrial plant into mixed commercial and industrial use for Taylor Woodrow / California, Inc, & Z Group Development. (Proposal submitted and selected in competition)

  • 1989 Julia Morgan House, 401 Lee St., Oakland: Architectural conservation consultant on rehabilitation of house into apartments and on design of adjacent apartment building. Architects: Team 7 Associates

    • Client: Gilbert Chan, Urban Designs, Developer.

  • 1987-89 Alameda City Hall, Seismic strengthening and rehabilitation: Architectural and structural conservation consultant. Consultant to Sally Swanson & Associates, Architects, with Dasse Designs, Engineers, and John Kariotis, consulting engineer.

    • Client: City of Alameda.

  • 1988 Consulting Designer for the design of the exterior elevations of the Waterfront Hotel project, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Produced revised designs for the project to assist in compatibility with Historic District guidelines. Consultant to Stan Nielson & Associates & Christopher Chadbourne, Architect.

  • 1987 Alameda Carnegie Library and Old Alameda High School: paint stratigraphy and analysis to determine original colors for the restoration of the exterior paint colors to the buildings.

    • Client: City of Alameda

  • 1987-88 Cowell Ranch Cooperage: Historic Structure Report and preliminary design for restoration and adaptive re-use. (With U.C.B. student, John McKelvey)

    • Client: University of California, Santa Cruz, David Tanza, Architect

  • 1986-88 Cascade Ranch Bunkhouse: Historic Structure Report with restoration and rehabilitation design and specifications of the 1862 Dairy Building, later converted to a farm laborers' Bunkhouse.  Merit Award, 1989, California Preservation Foundation

    • Client: California Coastal Conservancy, Don Coppock, Project Dir.

  • 1986 Hathaway's Warehouse, 101 Harrison St., San Francisco: Historical Report and Assessment of Significance for adaptive reuse project.

    • Client: The Architect's Collaborative, San Francisco office.

  • 1985-88 Pardee Home & Carriage House: Seismic strengthening for change of use permit, exterior restoration, and structural restoration of the Carriage House. Joint venture with Sven Thomasen, Wiss Janney & Elstner, Engineers.

    • Client: Pardee Home Foundation, David Casebolt, Director

  • 1985 Winehaven Workers' Housing, Point Molate Navel Fuel Storage and Supply Depot: Conservation consultant to Reyes/Salvador & Associates, Architects for rehabilitation project.

  • Bangor-0-Cover.jpg (67249 bytes)
    1984-85 Central Area Revitalization Plan, Bangor, Maine.

    • Project Director & Conservation Consultant with Lane, Frenchman and Associates, Boston, Mass.

    • Co-author of Reclaiming the Past for the Future, The Bangor Central Area Revitalization Ordinance, City of Bangor 1985.

  • 1984-85 Federal Courthouse and Post Office Building, Las Vegas, Nevada: Historic Structure Report.

  • Conservation consultant to Page, Anderson & Turnbull, Architects, San Francisco. (formerly Charles Hall Page & Assoc.)

  • 1983-84 Permanent exhibition, Holyoke, Mass. Heritage State Park: Consulting historian and exhibition designer to Joseph A. Wetzel & Associates, Boston.

    • Client: Joseph A. Wetzel & Associates.

  • 1983 Masonic Temple, 25 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco: Consultation on the restoration of the exterior for San Francisco Landmarks Commission approval of rehabilitation and adaptive reuse as office building. (Tanner & VanDine, Project Architects)

    • Consultant to Page, Anderson & Turnbull, Conservation Architects.

    • Client: Bay West Development Co.

  • 1982-83 Herald Hotel, San Francisco: Exterior and interior lobby rehabilitation and restoration of a National Register Federal Tax Act project.

    • Project designer & consultant to Charles Hall Page & Assoc, Architects and Planners, San Francisco.

  • 1982-83 Little Fox Theater Buildings, San Francisco: Exterior rehabilitation and partial reconstruction of facade of three buildings in the Jackson Square Historic District, San Francisco.

    • Project designer & consultant to Charles Hall Page & Assoc, Architects and Planners, San Francisco.

  • 1982 Oriental Warehouse, 650 First St., San Francisco: Historic Structure Report for adaptive reuse project.

    • Consultant to Charles Hall Page & Associates

    • Client: Campeau Corporation

  • 1982 U.S. Subtreasury Building, 608-610 Commercial St., San Francisco: Research on Historic Significance & Preparation of Report for National Register Nomination Appeal.

    • Consultant to Charles Hall Page & Associates, project Dir.

  • 1-Lowell-Com-Cover-90%.jpg (194169 bytes)
    1979-80 Architectural history, city planning, building conservation design and specifications for the Lowell National Park and Preservation District. Principal: Moore-Heder Team, Architects and Planners:

    • Co-author, Preservation Plan of the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, U.S. Department of the Interior 1980.

  • 1979 Photographic and design consultant: Exhibition: "Life and Times in Shoe City: The Shoe Workers of Lynn," The Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Sept. 1979-Jan. 1980.

    • Client: The Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.

  • 1978 Permanent Exhibition of photographs and artifacts from New England textile mills in the Mall of New Hampshire, Manchester. Designed, and with Cibachrome transparencies by Randolph Langenbach. 1884 Davis and Furber Carding Machine restored for display purposes by Randolph Langenbach.

    • Client: Mall of New Hampshire

  • 1978 Permanent exhibition of photographs and photomurals, Headquarters and Visitors' Center, Lowell, Massachusetts, National Park

    • Client: National Park Service

  • 1977 Invited photographer: photographic documentary of the factories and the workers of the Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagan, Denmark for their permanent museum collection.

    • Client: The Carlsberg Company.

  • Lowell-rpt.jpg (112975 bytes)
    1975-76 Historian and planning consultant to the Lowell Team, Architects and Planners Contributed to the Report of the Lowell Historic Canal District Commission to the Ninety Fifth Congress of the United States, U.S. Govt. Printing Office 1977.  Progressive Architecture Design Award, 1976

  • 1973-74 Rehabilitation of Cambridge three-decker for Langenbach residence. (Kitchen published in Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Sept. 21, 1975.)

  • 1969-70 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, Mass.: Historical planning consultant on preliminary designs for the adaptive re-use by the Rouse Corporation.

    • Consultant to Benjamin Thompson & Associates

  • 1968-69 Consultant to Ambassador William Roth (developer of Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.) Identification of proposed preservation and development projects in New England.



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