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pdf iconKeynote Address paper Better than Steel? (Part 2)  Tall Wooden Factories and the Invention of "Slow-burning" Heavy Timber Construction. MiniSymposium on Building Tall Buildings with Wood, International Conference on Structures and Architecture, Guimar„es, Portugal, July, 2013
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1990,  "The Good and the Evil: The Preservation of Monuments with a Negative Symbolic Image," in Changing Places: Remaking Institutional Buildings, Marcia Feuerstein, Barbara Campagna, and Linda Schneekloth, Editors, White Pine Press, 1990.

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1984,  Epilogue: "Continuity and Sense of Place; The Importance of the Symbolic Image," in Mental Health in the Environment, Hugh Freeman, F.R.C.Psych., Editor, Churchill Livingstone, London, 1984.

1983,  "A Future From the Past," in Readings in Historic Preservation, N. Williams, E. Kellogg & F Gilbert, Editors, New Brunswick, Center for Urban Policy Research, 1983, p61-69.  (Reprint of a section from A Future From the Past published by HUD (see below), by Randolph Langenbach, 1978.)

00-cvr.jpg (42105 bytes) 1981, "Lowell: From Building To Architecture,"  Harvard Architecture Review,  MIT Press, Cambridge, Vol 2, Spring 1981,
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pdf icon1981, "Living Places, Work Places, and Historical Identity," in Our Past Before Us, Why Do We Save It, David Lowenthal and Marcus Binney, Editors, Temple Smith, London:  (co-author)

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1980, Preservation Plan of the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, 2 Vols, U.S. Department of the Interior, G.P.O. (co-author was a principal on the Moore-Heder Team, Cambridge, Mass.)

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1979,  Satanic Mills, The Conservation of the Pennine Textile Mills, SAVE Britain's Heritage, London.  (principal co-author & photographer)

1979,  "Conservation into Action: Mill Town into National Park, Lowell, Massachusetts," text by Marcus Binney, photographs by Randolph Langenbach, Country Life, London, April 26, 1979, pp 1320-21

1979,  Finland's Historic Mill Town: Tampere," text by Marcus Binney, photographs by Randolph Langenbach, Country Life, London, May 10, 1979, pp 1444-45



1979,  "Amoskeag: One Worker's View,"  New Hampshire Profiles, XXVIII:2, Feb/Mar. 1979.

This magazine article is an excerpt from the book,  Amoskeag, Life and Work in an American Factory City




1978,  Amoskeag, Life and Work in an American Factory City, Pantheon Books, Random House, New York City.  (Co-author with Tamara Hareven)  Also published in England by Methuen, London. (Hyperlink is to AMAZON.COM site.  A sample set of pages are posted on their site, where the book can be acquired.)

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1978,  A Future From The Past: The Case for the Conservation and Reuse of Old Buildings in Industrial Cities,  U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, G.P.O.



1978,  "Voices of a Vanished Amoskeag," in American Heritage, Nov. 1978, p15-25.  (co‑author)

Excerpts from the Oral History interviews in Amoskeag, Life and Work in an American Factory City


1978,  "Remembering Life in a Mill Town," New England Magazine, Boston Sunday Globe, Sept. 17, 1978.

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1977,  Report of the Lowell Historic Canal District Commission to the Ninety Fifth Congress of the United States, U.S. Govt. Printing Office 1977, (co-author as part of the Lowell Team, Architects and Planners)

1977,  Between Past and Present: Observations on the History and Conservation of Nineteenth Century Industrial Buildings, Dissertation for Diploma in Conservation Studies, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, York, England, 1977.

1975,  "Amoskeag, A Mill and a Way of Life,"  New Hampshire Profiles, XXIV:10, October 1975, pp 25-55.

1975,  "Amoskeag Millyard Remembered,"  Historic Preservation, National Trust for Historic Preservation, July-September 1975, pp 26-29.

1971,  "The Crown and Eagle Mills," in The Architectural Forum,  July-Aug., 1971, p62-64


1971,  "The Crown and Eagle Mills,"  Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, August 15, 1971.

1970,  "What Manchester really needs is another parking lot," Life Magazine,  September, 1970.


1970,  "Epitaph for an American Landmark,"  American Heritage, XXI:3, April 1970, pp 110-113.  (co-author)

1970.  "Bleak Fate of the Yankee Mills," in Life Magazine, Sept. 4, 1970, p60-61.
1969.  "Lost City on the Merrimack,"  Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, March 9, 1969. pp 20-26.

1969,  "A Doomed Industrial Monument," in Fortune Magazine, February, 1969,     p119-121.


1969,  "A City No One Knew,"  Architectural Forum, Jan/Feb. 1969, pp 84-90.

1968,  "Amoskeag: An Epic in Urban Design," Journal of Industrial Archaeology, Bath, England, Vol 5, #4, November, 1968, p 335-50.

1968, "The Amoskeag Millyard, An Epic in Urban Design, " The Harvard Bulletin, 70:12, April 13, 1968. pp 21-28.

1968, "The Amoskeag Millyard, An Epic in Urban Design, " The Harvard Bulletin, 70:12, April 13, 1968. pp 21-28.



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